8th to 11th June 2017

The Global Christian Forum hosted an international consultation which brought together thirty theologians and church leaders to discuss the above theme, in Accra, Ghana.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the World Council of Churches, the World Evangelical Alliance and the Pentecostal World Fellowship jointly undertook the planning  of this conference which examined the global situation relating to the ‘call to mission’ in today’s context.  Participants shared their stories, both divisive and reconciliatory,  acknowledging  that their own churches had been complicit in improper conduct in relation to each other as well as to other faiths and cultures at one time or another. 

The consultation is in the process of working out a statement of common witness  to be signed by the four co-sponsors.

Bishop Dhiloraj participated in the Consultation as an invitee from the church in Sri Lanka

"Justice for all should be upheld as a high priority of the State and must be promoted at all level of public administration" 

This was one of the recommendations made by the Reconciliation and Peace Desk of the Diocese when they met with The Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanism chaired by Mrs Manouri  Muttetuwagama, last Friday, July 8th 2016 at the BMICH.  This Committee had invited the RAP Desk to  make representations to the Task Force on the Church of Ceylon's views on promoting reconciliation and building peace in Sri Lanka.


The full text of the submissions can be found here:


The 'Christian Writers' Forum' was inaugurated on Saturday, January 30, 2016 following a workshop attended by 27 people including priests who responded to the Diocese of Colombo letter inviting parish priests and members of Boards, Commissions and Committees within the Diocese of Colombo to set up such a Forum that would publicize their activities in the three language stream newspapers of the Diocese.

The workshop was organised by the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka (PCCSL) - an independent voluntary self regulatory body - comprising Editors, publishers and two journalist organisations. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sukumar Rockwood, CEO, PCCSL and was assisted by Mr. Kamal Liyanaarachchi, Complaints Officer, Sinhala Print and Mr. Malinda Seneviratne.



Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum
Inauguration of the Chris...
Inauguration of the Christian Writers Forum

Food for health & healing or is food a weapon of slow mass destruction? Lecture organized by the Commission on Environment & Medical Ethics.

Lecture Delivered by Mr Ranjit Seneviratne.


Main cause of poor health – not eating according to the Bible – The Genesis Diet

We need food but we eat according to TASTE. We do not eat foods according to the Bible, that keep us healthy and disease-free. This is because we eat imported food – Bread, wheat flour products and sugar, which probably started because we ate seeni bola and seeni bunis. We also eat rice to fill our stomachs but our bodies are starving for vitamins and minerals and signals this by making us hungry – like Dola duka a pregnant woman experiences for special foods that her body needs.


Also just think about these facts:
  1. What did humans eat before the discovery of fire?
    Green leaves, small fruits, nuts and roots and may be bird eggs and fish – like the Genesis Diet. So as designed by God, there were no rich or poor as everyone had equal access to food. But after the discovery of fire, humans grew Rice Wheat, Oats etc., easy-to-grow grasses and more importantly, could be stored and sold at a higher price.  So Merchants became rich and when the Kings and Rulers saw this, they started Taxation. That was the beginning of social inequality. Amount of money is fixed, like water in a tank – people have less if some take too much.
  2. All animals when fully grown do not change shape until they die.  But we do – why?
  3. We have a heart, lungs, eyes, ears, limbs like all the other animals.
    But all animals eat only natural foods and they do not fall sick eating food that is on the ground We are the only animal that eats cooked food – and cooked food is dead food. Heat destroys life – the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are destroyed.


So the SECRET to be disease free and healthy?  The Bible’s Genesis Diet - Genesis 1.v29 (KJV Bible) . Jesus confirms this in Matt.6.v26. Science calls it “Paleo Diet”. (Paleolithic age before discovery of fire) I am a “Fat Burner” . My energy is from fats (nuts, oils in veggies, milk etc.


  1. Stop eating Bread and anything made of imported Wheat flour, because it is made white using bleach and there are no “Gullas” (insects) because they use poisonous insecticides.
    - Eat Kurakkan Roti, rice flour hoppers, string hoppers. (Organic flour to avoid harmful chemicals)
  2. Stop eating white sugar, which is a pure chemical. It is NOT a food, because all natural food even water is a mixture.  Refined White Sugar causes diabetes, heart problems, cancer
    - Replace sugar with jaggery and treacle – Kitul, Coconut, Palmyrah and Uk Hakuru.
  3. Avoid eating normal rice (because hybrid high yield rice – has very little vitamins, mostly (70%-80%) carbohydrates that become sugars which digest quickly causing hunger – so we eat more.
    - Replace with ancient Sri Lankan rice – Heenati, Suwandel, Pacchaperumal etc. which are full of vitamins and therefore “heavy” – so we eat less because it takes long to digest.


These changes are expensive but local foods that replace them makes it very much cheaper.
  1. Avoid buying expensive normal vegetables like bandakka, batu, carrots, cabbages, beans, etc. because modern varieties made for chemical agriculture have very little food value.
  2. Avoid soft drinks (full of sugar and chemicals). Drink green tea with Ginger - healthier & cheaper.
  3. Avoid imported fruit – they are full of chemicals to keep them from spoiling.
  4. Eat RAW leaves in mallums, salads and “Green Smoothies” (green leaves and fruits blended into a drink – almost like intravenous feeding because it is absorbed so fast).. These local leaves have not been altered, so they are still full of vitamins and minerals like Gotu Kola, Kankun, Mukunuwenna, Kuringnang, Cheena batu, Holy Basil (Maduruthala – which protects from Dengue and influenza) Thebu  & Kovakka (heals Diabetes) and weeds like Ambul Ambili, Monara Kudumbi, Kuppamania, Gendha (Portulaca – high in Vit E), Pani thora, Bing Kohomba etc. which if planted, is cost-free.
  5. Leaves from trees – Murunga (full of vitamins), Ambarella, Sour Sop (Katu Aattha), Curry Leaf which are cut and kept short for leaves, Coppa kola, Lettakoccha, Aloe vera (full of vitamins), ,
  6. Have “Kiri Hoddha” soup every day. Turmeric is a superfood which protects and heals.  Use equal amount of black pepper to increase absorption of Tumeric. Use also onions, and garlic.
  7. Eat local fruits Guava, Papaya (not the seedless variety that birds do not eat), Sour Sop, Lovi lovi, Uguressa, Cherry, etc. because dark coloured berries such as purple Dhang, and Damson, red cherries, coffee berry (the red outer covering), have important anti-cancer properties.


It is even cheaper if you plant these green leaf plants anywhere, even in pots. Plant small trees that fruit all the year round and can be eaten raw in salads or cooked – Kamaranga, Dwarf Ambarella, Biling, Nelli-biling, Nam nam, Narang (fine cut narang peel may remove chemical toxins).


Growing your own food is like printing your own money
Foods that heal disease

Avoid totally all Wheat flour foods and sugar (only use uk hakuru sparingly) Avoid eating rice if possible - only eat ancient Lanka rice - Heenati, Pacchaperumal, Suwandel

Healing vegetables - eat Kovakka, Thebu mallum and Bitter Gourd alternately

Fruits – eat berries and small fruits, Small quantities of sweet fruit, Banana, Papaya Pineapple, Mango

Note: Uk hakuru is good for diabetes because it has the mineral “Chromium”

Boil water with a piece of Cinnamon and when cool remove cinnamon and drink throughout the day. Eat 5 bics raw Garlic every day – opens narrow capillaries to prevent blindness and toe amputations

Do exercises that make you pant – climbing stairs, climbing/running up hill to burn excess sugars



Cancer cells need sugars to grow and spread. Therefore: Absolutely no Wheat flour foods and no sugar (only use Bee honey and uk hakuru very, very sparingly)

Avoid eating rice. It it is better to eat Thana Hal, Mung ata, cow pea etc. If you have to eat rice - only eat Ancient Sri Lankan varieties.- Heenati, Pacchaperumal, Suwandel etc..

Cancer cells grow well in an acidic environment and sugars from sugar rice and bread cause acidity.  Eating Raw vegetables cause an alkaline anti-cancer environment.  So eat raw, green veggies every day. Boil water with a piece of Lemon Grass (Sera) and when cool, remove it and drink throughout the day. Sera, Lemon fruits, limes Narang make Cancer cells kill themselves Sour sop (Katu Aattha) fruit and leaves also kills cancer cells. The inside “heart” of Cabbage, Red cabbage, Chinese cabbage Broccoli (especially Broccoli sprouts) contains “Sulphoraphane) which kill cancer cells. Oxygen kills cancer cells.  Therefore to increase oxygen in the blood it is good to do deep breathing exercises and exercises and activities that make you pant heavily.


Blood Pressure problems
Sugar causes inflammation of the blood vessels – they become red like they have been sandpapered. Sugars from foods like wheat and rice add to the problem. The liver produces Cholesterol to repair the inflammation and if you continue eating sugars, then gradually the vessels can become blocked causing heart attacks and strokes. It is made worse by oxidized Cholesterol from coconut oil that is used more than once and vegetable oils like palm oil, peanut oil.

Absolutely no Wheat flour foods and no sugar (only use coconut, Kitul and uk hakuru sparingly). Avoid eating rice if possible - only eat Ancient Sri Lankan varieties.- Heenati, Pacchaperumal, Suwandel. Too much of the wrong type of salt also causes Blood Pressure problems. Avoid Table Salt because many of the other minerals in sea salt have been removed leaving only the salty part of salt – Sodium Chloride plus chemicals to keep it dry. Always use raw sea salt/ Himalayan Rock salt. Avoid also all processed food that come in sealed tins and plastic containers, packets and bottles because they contain refined table salt, harmful chemical flavours and preservatives and chemical colours and dyes. If there is too much Sodium, it will be necessary to increase Potassium to balance these minerals.  Potassium is found in many fruits like Bananas, Avocados, and in many raw, green leaves.

Eat plenty of raw green leaves because they make your body alkaline and neutralize harmful acids. Especially leaves of Bing Kohomba every 3 days (reported to be good for blood pressure problems). Nelli (Indian Gooseberry) is also said to be good for heart problems. Drink Beetroot juice as often as possible – it is well known to help blood circulation and eat 5 bics of Garlic every day as it helps to open up capillaries which will help lower blood pressure.


Gastritis and Stomach problems

are mainly caused by foods made from Wheat flour such as – bread, because Wheat flour has a substance called “Gluten” (which makes bread to rise). Gluten is very difficult to digest and causes stomach problems from constipation to serious illnesses such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Celiac Disease (Leaky gut syndrome) and even cancer.

Rice and sugar cause acidity and therefore eat raw green vegetables and raw curd every day because they cause an alkaline environment.  Ginger is very good for stomach problems. Therefore drink Ginger tea (if necessary with Jaggery) two or three times a day.


Joint Pain

usually caused by too much body weight, jogging on hard surfaces which results in worn cartilage. Supplements of Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM help, but eating raw egg and the film under the eggshell (has proteins similar to cartilage) broken into pieces and put into food helps rebuild worn cartilage. For Arthritic pain, Cod liver Oil, and herbs Ginger and Indian Frankincense are helpful.

The CCYM organized a Talent Festiva l(DUNAMIS) that was held o the 29th of August at S. Thomas' College Mount Lavinia with quite a few churches participating. The event was an opportunity for the youth in our Diocese to show case their talents & Glorifying God for blessing us with such gifts.

It was indeed a wonderful time of Dance, Drama & Song." 

Peace Lecture took a very practical approach.  The speaker sited a number of real life examples of human communities in the North, border villages and the South during the war and post war.  His personal experiences and threat to life was also shared at the lecture.

He further stressed in his lecture that it is the duty of every person to take care and stand for his or her own rights.  It is also the responsibility and accountability of every person to stand for the rights of the others.

At the end of the lecture, concerns clarifications, and questions were raised, as to what the Church does or the Churches mission in relation to this topic,  is it adequate or not?

Everything in our society is politically motivated, is this a healthy situation to promote human rights and duties? etc.

It was pointed out that the issues of the Plantation community was not dealt at the Peace Lecture.

Interaction also took place to discover what could be done at the regional level.  It was said already NCCSL, SED Galle and many other organizations have taken various initiatives and we need to appreciate them.  We must not duplicate our initiatives but complement.

Try to strengthen the network in the region.

Peace Lecture was concluded with a fellowship Lunch for the participant hosted by the Reconciliation Peace Desk of the Diocese of Colombo in collaboration with the Board of Mission.



Date    :           4th September, 2015

Theme :           Coexistence in Communities and Human duties and Rights

Speaker:         Ruki Fernando – Human Rights Activist

Moderator:      Rev. Sanath Kumara Madaganoda – Diocese of Kurunegala

Number of Participants:   29

Nature of Participants:             Clergy and lay persons from the Area Deanery of Galle. Pastors and ministers from NCC Churches, Salvation Army and newer Churches.


The Rt Revd Nick Baines became the first Bishop of Leeds for the Diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales in June 2014.

Nick Baines was previously Bishop of Bradford (2011-14), and before that was Bishop of Croydon (in the Diocese of Southwark). He read German and French at Bradford University and, before ordination, worked for four years as a Russian linguist at GCHQ.

He says, “This new diocesan post is a great honour and privilege – as well as an enormous responsibility. But I’m confident that this new diocese will thrive and facilitate the Church’s mission, combining as it does the intimacy of the local with the advantages of scale.”

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, said, “Bishop Nick brings a well-grounded understanding of the area he will serve, together with vision, energy and experience in strategic change. He is well-known as a communicator of the Gospel, connecting with people outside the church as well as with parishioners. We have a lot to look forward to in West Yorkshire & the Dales”.

Communications Expert
Bishop Nick has a particular expertise and passion for communication and is known for his engagement with the media. He has 10,000 followers on Twitter and his blog – ‘Musings of a restless bishop’ –  attracts between 500 and 2000 views every day – pulling in over 1.7 million views in the first five years. He’s frequently asked to comment nationally on topical issues and is regularly heard on the Chris Evans Show on Radio 2 and Thought for the Day on Radio 4. The extent of his writing includes comment pieces for broadsheet newspapers, popular books on Christian faith (he’s written six) and contributions to academic journals. He also chairs the Sandford St Martin Trust which promotes excellence in religious broadcasting through the presentation of annual awards.

Bishop Nick represented the Archbishop of Canterbury at international faith conferences and is the English Co-chair of the Meissen Commission which develops relationships between the Church of England and the Evangelical Church in Germany.  He also preaches regularly at conferences in Germany – in German. In 2013 he was the first Englishman to be invited to preach to 130,000 people at the closing service of the biennial Kirchentag which was broadcast live on German TV.

He has a keen interest in music, literature, art, film, theatre and football. He’s married to Linda (a health visitor and artist) and they have three adult children: Richard, Melanie and Andrew, and two grandchildren.


The Episcopal Ordination and Enthronement of the 6th Bishop of Kurunegala

The Bishop of the Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Colombo

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