The newly renovated “Oppuravillam” Centre - the House of Reconciliation in Vavuniya was re-dedicated by Bishop Dhiloraj Canagasabey on Saturday 29th April.

Founded by the late Rev. Dr. Donald Kanagaratnam, a former Archdeacon of Jaffna in a land owned by his family, Oppuravillam in his own words was “the best place for me to be engaged in this special ministry to which I have been called……”. I am committed to this ministry of community relations which is an extremely important one in the contemporary context where the church is concerned. Vavuniya being a multi-racial, religious and cultural area”  

Fr. Donald and his wife Ariyaranee labored here during the many years of conflict in trying circumstances reaching out to the Sinhalese and Tamil communities and even to members of the Armed Forces and the Police.

The property was donated by the family to the Church and after the many years of war handed back by the Army in 2010.

With the generous assistance of Episcopal Relief and Development and ADM Architects, the family’s old house was renovated and extended to create a small Residential Centre to take forward the work begun by this late visionary priest.

A Memorial Plaque was unveiled by Bishop, following which there was a public meeting at which a portrait of  Fr. Donald and Ariyaranee Kanagaratnam was garlanded by a member of the family. Three trees were planted in commemoration by the Bishop and Mrs Harshini Canagasabey, the Archdeacon of Jaffna, Ven. Sam Ponniah and two members of the family of the late Fr. Donald.