8th to 11th June 2017

The Global Christian Forum hosted an international consultation which brought together thirty theologians and church leaders to discuss the above theme, in Accra, Ghana.

The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the World Council of Churches, the World Evangelical Alliance and the Pentecostal World Fellowship jointly undertook the planning  of this conference which examined the global situation relating to the ‘call to mission’ in today’s context.  Participants shared their stories, both divisive and reconciliatory,  acknowledging  that their own churches had been complicit in improper conduct in relation to each other as well as to other faiths and cultures at one time or another. 

The consultation is in the process of working out a statement of common witness  to be signed by the four co-sponsors.

Bishop Dhiloraj participated in the Consultation as an invitee from the church in Sri Lanka


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