St. Matthias Church, Tanniyuttu
St. Matthias Church, Tanniyuttu
Date of Consecration
1913 - 07 - 10
Jaffna Archdeaconry
Revd. J.S. Crispus

The foundation stone was laid in 1907. The village is 60 miles from the Vanni in Mulliyawalli, Mullaithivu.

An old Church built by the CMS and dedicated to St. Matthias existed there as a very flourishing mission station. Services were held in English for officials who lived and worked in Mullaithivu, which was once the seat of the Assistant Government Agent. Migration to Jaffna occurred in the 1930’s to 1940’s.

25 September, 1969 was a great day in the life of this Church. It was a day of rejoicing. At the service of the Holy Eucharist all those who rendered personal service or gave material help were remembered, as well as those who helped in building the Church 48 years ago the CMS missionaries, local priests, Catechists, teachers and other faithful men and women, especially John Arulpragasam the first convert who was mainly instrumental in getting the Church built.

Date of stone laying- 1912

Date of consecration- 10 July 1913

St. Matthias Church was a daughter Church under the Church of the Holy Spirit and within the Vanni mission. The clergy attached to the Church of the Holy Spirit, Vavuniya ministered to the Christians in Tanniyootu.

Here too the Church school came into existence before the Church was built. Church services were held in the school building till the Church was built. The early missionaries of the Vanni worked with great dedication concentrating on the spiritual and intellectual growth of the people. In 1984, a parsonage was built in the premises. The walls of a parish hall were coming up when war broke out in 1990. The few Christians here are very loyal and dedicated.

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Postal Address
St. Matthias Church, Tannieerutu
024 2222456

bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo


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