Church of the Healing Christ the King, Kadalana
Church of the Healing Christ the King, Kadalana
Date of Dedication
1955 - 11 - 01
Galle Archdeaconry
Rev. John Marshall

The dedication of this Chapel took place on All Saints Day 1 November 1955. The Church was dedicated by the Lord Bishop Rt. Rev. Archibald Rollo Graham Campbell. The Vicar at the time was the Rev. Bertram Wickremanayake

The Church itself s built in the form of a cross on oriental lines consisting of a Polonnaruwa plinth all round, while at the junction of the nave and center transept is a Kandyan octagonal tower. The structure which forms a cross has three sections consisting of: 1. A Chapel in the main part of the cross to serve the spiritual needs of the people in the village; 2. The right arm of the cross to be used as a vestry and library to serve the mental needs of the people; 3. A discrepancy in the left arm to serve the physical needs of the people. The building thus emphasizes that the Church could only fulfill her Ministry to the fullest extent only when she administers to the mind, body and soul of the people. As one enters the Church his eyes are first directed towards the stature of the Healing Christ high-up in a niche on the wall with the appropriate words, “Be still and know that I am God” written beneath.

The altar, fort, lectern and pulpit are made of the different shades of granite found in Ceylon and the altar railings are painted in Kandyan style with the pineapple motif. The Bishop’s Chair is designed on the Kandyan throne and the non-Christian symbols with the crest of the Diocese and the Bishop’s mitre at the peak together with an appropriate kneeling desk and font stool.

In front and on either side of the altar are two large brass coconut oil lamps designed after a Kandyan Pattern. A large mural painting depicting the victorious Christ on the cross to emphasize that the way of the cross is the only way to victory, with the Virgin Mary and St. John or oriental lines forms a Calvary group background to the altar. The design on the lectern has two elephants bearing a crown over a Nestorian Cross. The elephants, accepted to be the wisest of animals, represent the philosophy of the country and is meant to teach that the crowning glory of all philosophy is in the cross. The same idea is conveyed through the design in the pulpit where two lions bear with them two crosses instead of swords, a design that has been adopted from the National flag.

In front of the altar is engraved a large Nestorian Cross to connect the work of this Church with the earliest Christian settlement in Ceylon in about the sixth century.

Besides the mural painting at the altar there are four other mural paintings. The first of these represents the boy Christ working as a carpenter while the second illustrates the call of St. Peter by the Sea of Galilee. It is interesting to note that the major industry in the town as also in the village in particular is carpentry. By the font is a picture depicting Christ blessing the village children under a breadfruit tree and the last painting depicting the story of the ten lepers in a national background emphasizes that gratitude is the essence of religion. Besides these, two large candle stands, ornamental throughout with Sinhalese designs painted on them bearing seven candles each are specially made for the making of vows. On either side of the altar and on the wall is an aumbry for Holy oil and a tabernacle for the blessed sacrament.

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Church of the Healing Christ Galpitahaboda Rd, Kadalana Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
011 2653340

bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo


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