St. Paul's Church, Liyanwela
St. Paul's Church, Liyanwela
Date of Consecration
Colombo Archdeaconry
Revd. D. Samadanam

Rev. Richard Thomas Dowbiggin, who was in charge of the cotta mission from 1869, had started this church in1874 with the help of cathechist Don Hendrick Wijesinghe (There were only 21 families in Liyanwala according 1871 statistics. This village belongs to Western Province, Colombo District, Hewagama Korale, Medapattuwa, surrounded by Padukka, Udumulla, Poregedara, Kurugala, Wataraka and Maduluwawa hamlets.)

Rev. Dowbiggin or a priest from Cotta Mission had conducted Holy Communion services once a month and the cathechist had conducted on other Sundays and have continued the evangelical and social services. Later there had been four cathechists serving Liyanwala, Angampitiya, Yahalakela and Makumbura/Panagoda, under Rev. Dowbiggin. Three Bible women for have assisted them in their work in the vineyard. In 1892 a mission house had been built.

As done in Kotte, Rev.Dowbiggin started Sinhala schools in Liyanwala, Horagala and Angampitiya. In 1895 Liyanwala had become a separate mission station.

Mrs. Anna Leticia Dowbiggin, wife of Rev. Dowbiggin (daughter of C.P. Layards, Government Agent of Western Province and mother of Mr. Herbert Dowbiggin - IGP of Sri Lanka and Agnes wife of Rev. James Carter) resided in Liyanwala from 1911 - 1930. She along with Miss. Higgins continued the spiritual and community development work of Rev. Dowbiggin. Track distribution, sewing classes, English classes, First aid centre, Prayer meetings and Christmas celebration were some of these activities.

From 1934, this church was under Nugegoda Mission. Many parishioners have joined Teaching as a profession from this parish. Many priests have come and done yeoman service to this parish and community. In 1979 “Suhadaseva Training Centre for Women” was inaugurated by the Bishop of Colombo. 1998 a new vicarage was built. In 2007 the church was renovated blessed and dedicated on21st January. To us this church is as the Bible says, “How awesome is this place, this is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate to heaven. (Genesis 28:17)

Rev R T Dowbigin 1874 1901  
Rev S Kolis  1881 1882  
Rev J W Bolding 1901 1914  
Rev R W Ride 1905 1906  
Rev J W Ferrier 1915 1920  
Rev G A Perser 1920 1922  
Rev A C Holder 1922 1928  
Rev R T E A Gunathilaka 1928 1933  
Rev P E Wickremasinghe 1934 1940  
Rev W G Peiris 1941 1945  
Rev D F R Wijesinghe 1946 1962  
Rev S H Perera 1963 1966  
Rev Laury Fernando 1966 1968  
Rev Lakshman Peiris 1968 1972  
Rev P H B Seneviratne 1973 1977  
Rev G A Karunaratne 1978 1981  
Rev G V P Peraira 1982 1985  
Rev Lakdasa Jayawardena 1986    
Rev Kenneth Fernando 1987    
Rev N D Amaratunga 1987 1994  
Rev Lionel Peiris 1994    
Rev Lakshman Peiris 1995 1996  
Rev Dulip de Chickera 1997 1998  
Rev Ashly Perera 1998 1999  
Ven Godwin Weerasuriya 2000    
Rev Susantha Ranasinghe 2001    
Rt Rev Kenneth Fernando 2001 2005  
Rev Ranjith Perera 2006 2007  
Rev E H Palith 2008 todate  

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Postal Address
Church of Christ the Saviour, Maharagama, Sri Lanka
0112 82 32 95

bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo


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