St. John's Church, Valaichenai
St. John's Church, Valaichchenai
Date of Consecration
1925 - 12 - 02
Nuwara Eliya Archdeaconry
Revd. K. Varatharajah

Consecrated 2 December 1925 (Source:- Ceylon Churchman Vol. 46.)

During the period of foreign invasions the Dutch, the Portugese and the British ruled Sri Lanka. The Dutch built a fort in Batticaloa, during the British regime they built a fort in Kalkudah and ships brought provisions for the people of the area.

In 1856 a school was started by the Christian missionaries.. A person who lived in Valaichenai called “ Umayar” sold his land to the Christian mission and a school was started in the land with the name of Church of England Anglican. At the beginning the school was administered by the mission. The school was destroyed during the period of the second world war and was restarted in a cadjan shed. After that the Government took over the school and named it church of Ceylon Tamil mixed school. In the middle of the 19 century the Gospel Missionary Society started its activities in Mannar, Kalpitiya, Trincomalee and Batticaloa. They built churches in Batticaloa, Navatkudah and Valachenai.

In Valachchenai, a land was purchased in 1886 to build a church and a school. Rev. Samuel Nicholas, H.T. White, J Anna and D Somanadar put in a lot of effort into this. A school was opened in Valachchenai during the period of Rev. J.R. Thambimuttu a church was built and dedicated by the Bishop of Colombo Rt. Rev. Mark Carpenter Garnier.

Clergy who helped in our parish: 1. Rev. Killani 2. Rev. Thampoe 3. Rev. Samuel Nicholas 4. Rev. H.I. White 5. Rev. Anna 6. Rev. D. Somanandar 7. Rev. A vethakan Lay preachers and Deacons 1. Bro. Poopapillai 2. Bro. Gnanamuttu 3. Bro. Nalliah 4. Bro Jospeh 5. Rev. Paul Manikarajah 6. Bro. Chandran Crispus 7. Bro. S. Gnanarajah 8. Bro. H. Hoole 9. Bro. Paul Pandian 10. Bro. Anton Joseph 11. Bro. Lazarus 12. Bro. T.N. Johnson 13. Bro M. Gunasekaram The clergy who served in our parish 1. Rev. J.R. Tambimuttu 2. Rev V.B.S Muthuvelu 3. Rev. J.S Isaac 4. Rev. S.H Ramanathan 5. Rev. G Thambapillai 6. Rev. B.I Arudpragasam 7. Rev. Sam A Muthuvelu 8. Rev. A Anandanayagam 9. Rev. K.P gnadas 10. Rev. L.B Arudpragasam 11. Rev. Joshua Rutnam 12. Rev. John A Isaih 13. Rev. P Manikarajah 14. Rev. Daniel Samraj 15. Rev. Philip A Jesudevan 16. Rev. Chandran Crispus 17. Rev. Gnankuriyan 18. Rev. S.D. Parimalaselvan 19. Rev. P. Daniel 20. Rev. P Thayalan

Contact Details

Postal Address
St. John's Church, Valaichenai, Sri Lanka
0652 257 186

bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo


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