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The Church of Ceylon Youth Movement (CCYM), the youth arm of the Diocese of Colombo believe that God calls us to surrender our lives to Him to be used, whatever cost to ourselves, for the extension of His Kingdom through His divinely appointed instrument, the Church.

In obedience to His calling we depend upon Him and strive to build visible re-union of the Church of Christ, develop fellowship surmounting all barriers such as race, cast or class, stand against all social evils & encourage effective Witness and Evangelism.



Our roots go back to 1941 with the visionary guidance of Rt. Rev Harold De Soysa who saw the need of an organized youth movement. The first president & secretary were Rev. Canon Foster & Rev. Muthucrishna respectively.



At present the CCYM is governed by the Executive Committee which is elect every year at the Annual General Meeting & to assist the youth fellowships around the country, power has been decentralized & deaneries have been given a greater autonomy to function & work for the common goal of the mother unit.


Activities that are been carried out to uplift the spirituality of youths

In keeping in line with our vision we carry out camps, workshops, aesthetic performances, educational programmes & sports events. We focus on creativity & innovation to promote youth spirituality. 


Future objectives

With our vision at our foremost focus we strive to reach new heights by effective engagement of youths at local levels and to educate potential youth leadership with kingdom values to strengthen the church at large. 



Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy  




bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo

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