To strengthen Christian stewardship of the environment and  establish a discourse on  understanding advances in medical science through our Christian faith.



On Environment

  • Educate Anglican community creation with special emphasis on the next generationon our duty to protect and care for God's creation
  • Encourage Christians to keep the environment clean, and conserve and plant trees.
  • Encourage home gardening.
  • Educate on separating needs from wants, to reduce consumerism, garbage production, and to reuse, recyle and responsible disposal of garbage.
  • Wean off the youth from overindulgence of smart phones to a more outdoor lifestyle by creating an interest in God's creation.
  • Establish and activate a green church concept in the Colombo diocese and develop environmentally friendly model churches.
  • Encourage church members  to be actively involved in protecting the environment in Sri Lanka and work towards preventing destruction of the environment .


On Medical ethics

Establish a Christian perspective on

  • costly life prolonging procedures in medicine.
  • procedures to limit births and prevent unwanted births.
  • advances of gene therapy and genetic engineering and its social impact.
  • medical warfare.


Recent activities

  • Requested 2 representatives from each parish, to be appointed to coordinate with CEMET to plan and organize programs in their parishes.
  • Creating awareness among these representatives by posting articles and having discussions through Whatsapp groups and Zoom meetings  in English, Sinhalese and Tamil to help them to create awareness in their parishes
  • Organised public webinars on the Covid vaccines, benefits, drawbacks and aftermath in English, Sinhalese and Tamil


Future activities

Develop and activate a 'GREEN CHURCH' project with the intention of converting all the churches within the Diocese of Colombo to those which care for the environment. (i.e.  to be environmentally friendly churches)

  • Develop a handbook with valuable tips on establishing a 'home garden'
  • Develop other resources which can be used by churches to achieve the above goals  


What can each parish do?

  • Have  programmes/ church services on the theme of environment to create awareness and involve children /youth in these 
  • Seek to reuse, reduce and recycle waste and not use single use plastics for any programme
  • Encourage home and church gardening and composting  
  • Efficient use of energy and water
  • Tree planting and care of the garden in the Church premises 
  • Organise a programme on Environment related topics using local expertise ( agricultural officers, waste management authority, PHI) and  invite the neighbourhood. 


bishop of colombo rt revd dushantha rodrigo

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